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Spiritual Tours:
Nilers tours Staff will be happy to take your clients to heart-opening spiritual journey in Egypt to have the opportunity to be in the presence of sacred space designed for the purpose of spiritual alignment and dream our own spiritual transcendence.

Jewish Heritage Tours:

Over the last century, the Jewish population of Egypt has greatly fluctuated.

In the year 1922, the number of Jews living in Egypt totaled approximately 80,000.

In 2004, the number stood at approximately 100.

By visiting Egypt today, you’ll find an active Jewish community despite this

very small population.

Abraham Ben Ezra synagogue in Cairo is a place of pilgrimage for North African

Jews and the site of major festival celebrations.

The famous medieval rabbi Moses Maimonides worshipped at Ben Ezra synagogue

when he lived in Cairo. In addition to Ben Ezra, within the area of Cairo you will

find two operating synagogues for the current Jewish population of about 25 people.

The Adley synagogue, which is located in downtown Cairo, and the Maadi synagogue,

which is located in Maadi, a small town to the south of Cairo.

So, please ask our Operation Department  to provide you with our special

jewish Heritage tours to Cairo, alexandria and Sinai.

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