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Your F.I.T Clients as well as your groups will come
to learn Egypt as a major cultural, political and social
power in the Islamic world by the most interesting
explanations of our tour guides.
After Muhammad Ali became the hereditary ruler of Egypt.
His reign set Islamic Egypt on the path to modernisation. 







Highlights :
♦ Abu El Abbas El Mursi Mosque Alexandria’s largest and most beautiful mosque.
♦ Al Aqmar Mosque Wonderful architectural and historical Mosque
♦ Al Azhar Mosque The Al Azhar complex At the
heart of Islamic Cairo, Famous with the world's oldest university.
♦ Al Amir Shaykhu Al Umari Mosque & Khanqah Two
almost "identical twins" facing each other on Al Saliba Street in Cairo.


Islamic Art :
The colourful history of Islam in Egypt shaped the culture,
art and architecture of modern Egypt.
Islamic Egypt has a tremendous wealth of Islamic
art and architecture.
Our tours to Al Muizz ElDin Street, El Azhar Street,
Darb El Ahmar Street, El Saliba Street and Salah Eldin
Square in Cairo will show Egypt as it once was
during the golden age of Islamic architecture

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