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Quad Biking , Oasis Safari tours, Bedouin Safari , Siwa & White Dessert

4X4 Driving
Our Oases Safari tours in a 4x4 adventure safari will take you through some of the most remote parts of the Egyptian desert where you can discover the beauty of oases and meet Nomadic Bedouin people, as well as ramp though the sand in a fully kitted out four wheel drive vehicle.
At the end of a fun fuelled day witness amazing sunsets over the Egyptian desert.

Our Tours highlights:
♦ Quad biking in the Western Desert
♦ Abu Ballas Walk next to thousands of ancient 
   broken pots and shards of pottery that litter a hill  
♦ Bedouin Safari in the Sinai A Bedouin Safari is the   
   only and most exciting Way to explore the heart of  
   the Sinai desert.
♦ Black Desert A little to the North of the White Desert,
   the Black Desert is closer to Bahariya than Farafra.
♦ Coloured Canyon 4X4 Safari.
♦ Safari to Ras Abu Gallum Protectorate
♦ Safari Into the Great Sand Sea
♦ Safari Into the white Desert
♦ Safari Into Siwa We offer also one day excursions
   from Sharm El Shiek , Hurghada and Cairo.
We are running of these trips with year round availability.

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